About Us

  Say our name out loud just now, yes ROAM BABY ROAM is all about the spirit of travel and exploration.

We have curating extraordinary, tailor-made holidays to all the challenging and exciting regions of the world for a diverse traveller as any, groups of doctors, large families, vegan clubs, adventure bikers we love to plan and execute large vacations the more the merrier.

Our passion is to make sure that every detail of your vacation perfectly tailored to you. Every holiday we create is individually designed by one of our Destination Experts and is as unique as you are.


It is this mission that makes us the top Treasure Hunt Travel Company in the world. For the uninitiated our treasure, hunt tours are much like the ‘The Amazing Race’ on CBS and AXN. Simply put we take you on an adventurous exhilarating and challenging treasure hunt with multiple cues on the way set in an exotic destination like far off and icy Iceland. It gets better you may even win a holiday if you find the treasure we have set up for you

Most importantly, with the Treasure Hunt and vacation packages our personal experiences and expert knowledge of the countries and regions we travel to coupled with our client understanding help you book the cheapest holiday that is high on value and luxurious experience as well. It’s ‘your world your way all the way.’


Our meticulous planning and incomparable contacts on the ground mean that we make your holiday happen just the way we planned it with you and if it is so in some cases even at days notice. We are quick efficient organised and focus on giving you a luxurious holiday at the right price because we know where the deals are, and we pass them on to you every time. 


Unlike large tour operators, we do not ‘own’ products and we will never offload something on you as
a deal. Instead, we build each package up from source destination with you in mind.
We believe it is important to create an itinerary which gives you a true understanding of our destinations in all its sights, sounds, tastes and feelings. We pride ourselves with personal touches throughout your itinerary.

We are still an owner-run company and our philosophy is the same today as the day we opened our doors – we are about being the best rather than the biggest.


Sunita Dugar a serial entrepreneur founded Roam Baby Roam out of a passion for travel. Her interest in travel came from a keen passion for photography. This coupled with a sense of adventure took her to unexplored remote destinations where her guiding compass was the breath-taking beauty of the land that she wished to capture on camera.

Sunita was introduced to the world of adventure when she joined the Chennai Trekking club and realised that experimenting and physically challenging herself on the road less travelled  – is her soul’s calling.

Along the way, her keen business sense kicked and Roam Baby Roam was born.

Her litmus test came in August 2015 when Sunita and two of her besties ventured on a cross-country road trip from Kanyakumari the Southernmost tip of India to Kashmir the northern most region, as part of the now famous K2K DRIVE. This trip was the longest by an all women crew through the vast length of India.

Her business philosophy is to specialise in scrupulously researched active trips to the most promising corners of the globe. She believes that every traveller should get to feel the journey to the fullest, mixing authentic interactions, seamless logistics and one-of-a-kind experiences into every day of the vacation.

Sunita’s belief

Sunita believes …if you put your heart and mind to something, willing to work hard and are persistent, there is nothing that you cannot achieve